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    Busy month

    It’s been a pretty busy two months. I was doing the Olympic Fire and Ice show.


    It was crazy, everynight we’d jump through 3 rings of fire in front of thousands of spectators. I’m not very good at guestimating, but we guessed between 2,000 and 5,000 people would watch the show everynight.




    I went to blue river with the nuulife crew and shot some powder. The snow was awesome there but the weather wasn’t the best. We got a few breaks in the clouds but spent most of our time hitting pillows and jumps in the clouds.


    The day after I got back I went to the shakedown in Washington. The jib jam was a real cool setup and SBC put a little blurb about me on the website about the rail jam. “Geoff Brown impressed the crowd and Mikey Leblanc with a tap-in to Frontboard on the down dink.”http://www.snowboardcanada.com. Here’s COC’s vid from the shakedown.



    I also did the You Look Good at Seymour. I had fun but fell in the finals. Here’s a pic from SBC’s website again.


    I entered the showcase showdown which was super fun. I qualified in the top 3rd spot for finals in my heat. But in the finals the snow conditions changed. I ended up knuckling the jump and bruising my heel. So I’ll be resting for a week or so. But hey, it gives me time to update my website. So that’s not too bad.



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