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Snowboard Journal Full Pager

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“We built this jump on Sproatt Mountain in the Whistler, BC Backcountry and waited all day for a fog that never lifted. The next morning we returned to the same scenario along with rising freezing levels that quickly warmed the snow. We decided to call it and started riding back to our trucks but halfway down the fog lifted and we raced back up. After a few attempts to land in less than ideal snow, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, who run outdoor tours in the area, started grooming the cat track below. The driver was down to watch and wait while Geoff Brown set down this cab 5″


Photo: Todd Easterbrook



Thanks for the Ad 3CS

It feels great to get a couple of photos published before the season starts.
Thanks for all the support 3CS, stoked to be part of the family.

Photo by Todd Easterbrook




Welcome back SBC

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If I was to only get one photo published from last season it would be this one… And the icing on the cake is that it’s in the first issue of the the re-launch of Snowboard Canada.

Welcome back SBC
Photo by Todd Easterbrook


Forum Step Down

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When I first started going to the backcountry, there were many jumps that terrified me. The three major ones were the Hurley Road gap, 1080 Gap and the Forum Step Down. Last season I got all three of those iconic jumps published in mags, all photographed by Todd Easterbrook with Vanessa Chan behind video camera.

The Forum stepdown was the last of the three to go to print. Thanks SBC for publishing this shot and making it one of my most memorable seasons ever.

Geoff Brown Forum Stepdown SBC

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The last picture I’ll ever have in SBC

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Geoff Brown Rutherford Ice Wall SBC
Photo by Todd Easterbrook

Sad news in Canadian snowboarding. Last week Snowboard Canada announced that it had closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy. SBC has supported me in so many ways; my writing, my travels and most importantly my riding. I feel very fortunate to be part of such an iconic mag. Thanks for all the support over the years.

An extra special thanks to Scott Birke, Jesse Fox, Adam Levitt, John Scarth, Nate Laverty and Gerhard Gross for making the mag amazing.


1080 Gap Sequence

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Todd Easterbrook and I got a Two page Feature in the new Transworld. I can’t explain how incredibly hyped I am to get this sequence published along with an article written by Gerhard about me being the first to land a 1080 on 1080 Gap. I’m unbelievably stoked to get the recognition for this. It was a rollercoaster day of emotions with Todd shooting the photos and Vanessa Filming… and it feels amazing that it payed off.

Todd posted the it online a few days ago, “Make sure to pick up the September issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and read about Geoff Brown making snowboard history! Honoured to have witnessed it and documented it.”

Thank you so much to everyone for the support and a huge thanks to Vanessa who filmed it. It was the closing shot in the latest When in Whistler webisode and will also be in the upcoming Heart films movie “the Doors”.
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Sandbox Catalogue

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I feel very fortunate to still be a part of Sandbox and am hyped to be so involved with it’s direction as well as being all over their new ads and next year’s catalogue.

Here’s a sample of some of the pages from the catalogue:


I have been with this company since the very beginning when it first started producing snowboard films. I’ve seen it morph and grow to be a leading Helmet company as well as making great googles and sunglasses. Sandbox is everywhere now, sponsoring video projects, contests and even iphone video games. I’m so proud to be part of the Family.

Thanks so much Kevin, Mel and Josh.



Snowboard Canada Full Page

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Thanks for the love guys at Snowboard Canada. I’m super stoked to get a full pager in the Early Winter issue 2014.

Here’s the photo by Erin Hogue:

I had previously scopped out this pillow gap up Rutherford. I’ve never seen anyone do it before, but I thought it was possible to gap all the pillows and land in the small trany at the bottom. I brought my buddy Duncan Mainland who lost the paper rock scissors and had to test out my theory. After a couple overshoots and knuckles we got the speed dialed just right.

This was my first time shooting with Erin Hogue and my first time shooting with Jeremy Richardson at Olliepop. I’m super stoked on how both the photo and videoshots turned out.

Thanks for all the hard work guys… And thanks for publishing it SBC.


Frequency Two Page Spread

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Just got a two pager in the opening pages of Frequency.

Photo shot by Todd Easterbrook:
PS. If you live in the Whistler area, this photo is also up for the out of bounds photo contest. If you find yourself strolling the village, please pop by millenium place and vote.
Big thanks to my buddy Duncan Mainland and Vanessa Chan. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have happened.
Bellow are words written by Todd describing the photo:

A bullfighter

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Check out 33mags article about the 2011 sandbox heli shoot:




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