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A Jump session with Heart Films

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I’ve been very lucky to join the Amazing Heart Films crew this season. They’re some of the happiest and hardest working guys I’ve ever met in my life. They’re always up in the mountains before the sun rises and down after the sun sets…. and always laughing and smiling.

Here’s a short webisodes that Keiji (Filmer, editor, all round great guy and workaholic) released:


Many of the video shots were capture by the one and only Vanessa Chan!!!

It’s been super fun so far and I look forward to going out with them again.

Thanks Heart Films


We won our category Best Web Video

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Just got back from our World Premier in Montreal. I had an awesome time with my crew. I’m happy to say that our video won our category at the IF3 festival.


We won “Best Web Video”. We’re super stoked!


The Science of Airborning: …..Art of flight spoof

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Well winter is gone, and spring is here. We wrapped up the winter with Whistler’s Ski and Snowboard Festival. I worked with Voleurz for the 7-day film contest called intersection.

The rules were that the video had to be filmed and edited in 7 days. It had to be completely shot within 100 km radious of Whistler. The video had to include skiers and snowboarders.  30 seconds had to be filmed in the park and 30 seconds had to be filmed on Whistler Blackcomb.

Our submission was called Science of Airborning and it was a spoof of Art of Flight. We ended up winning intersection with this video. It was a lot of work and the snow conditions were pretty terrible. We had to film in the poring rain and side slip a few landings. It wasn’t ideal conditions but we made the most of it. We’re so pumped to share this video with everyone, so here it is:



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Busy month

It’s been a pretty busy two months. I was doing the Olympic Fire and Ice show.


It was crazy, everynight we’d jump through 3 rings of fire in front of thousands of spectators. I’m not very good at guestimating, but we guessed between 2,000 and 5,000 people would watch the show everynight.




I went to blue river with the nuulife crew and shot some powder. The snow was awesome there but the weather wasn’t the best. We got a few breaks in the clouds but spent most of our time hitting pillows and jumps in the clouds.


The day after I got back I went to the shakedown in Washington. The jib jam was a real cool setup and SBC put a little blurb about me on the website about the rail jam. “Geoff Brown impressed the crowd and Mikey Leblanc with a tap-in to Frontboard on the down dink.” Here’s COC’s vid from the shakedown.



I also did the You Look Good at Seymour. I had fun but fell in the finals. Here’s a pic from SBC’s website again.


I entered the showcase showdown which was super fun. I qualified in the top 3rd spot for finals in my heat. But in the finals the snow conditions changed. I ended up knuckling the jump and bruising my heel. So I’ll be resting for a week or so. But hey, it gives me time to update my website. So that’s not too bad.



Korean EXR Big Air



I hope everyone had great holidays. I’m in Korea right now just heading back after an amazing trip. I was invited to the EXR big air contest in Korea.

More about the contest….


Telus Triple Challenge

The good people at were at the Telus Triple Challenge filming the whole thing. Check it out. You might have to Download the video player on the push website. It’s really easy to do.


2nd place

I was in Ontario doing the Telus Triple Challenge. The weather wasn’t great for the most part until the last few days. But I did ride really well in the rail jam on Friday night. I ended up winning 2nd place in the rail jam and won this cool trophy


Norquay You Look Good

So I’ve had a busy season so far. Vancouver got lots of snow in early Dec so we shot lots of rails. Then Jan hit and we had no snow. It has been a struggle to get backcountry shots. In Feb, I went on a Snowboard Canada rail trip to New Brunswick. The photos and video shots look awesome.

Last weekend I went to Norquay to compete in the You Look Good riders cup. It went awesome. I got best trick with a switch back nine and finished 3rd over all. On right is a photo of me doing a backside rodeo. You can check out the full story at….. link is gone!!!

Here’s the You Look Good Norquay video.

YLG Norquay Alberta from Adam Cruickshanks on Vimeo.

Now I’m in Ontario competing at another You Look Good event and then I’ll be sticking around for the Telus Triple Challenge. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back.
I’ll be returning to Whistler after the Triple Challenge to continue filming my video part along with a few other contests, like the


First blog

This is my first blog entry. This will be the section where I post everything that’s going on in my life as well as what’s new with the site. I’ll have photos and videos of where I am and how my season is going. I’ll also give you background stories on video shots and photos. Continue Reading…



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