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My Full Part 2017

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1080 on 1080 gab Transworld video

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Last winter I became the first person to land a 1080 on the renowned 1080 gap in the the Whistler Backcountry and I’m so unbelievably stoked to get the recognition for this from TransWorld SNOWboarding​.

It was a rollercoaster day of emotions with Todd Easterbrook​ shooting the photos and Vanessa Chan​ Filming and it wouldn’t have happened without you guys. “It still feels surreal that it happened that day”

Thanks for shooting the interview and the awesome editing job Nate Laverty​. And thanks for the history lesson Kevin Sansalone​.


HITCASE Opening Week

So unbelievably stoked to be working with HITCASE this Season.
They just dropped an early season edit of Duncan Mainland and I playing in the park- Enjoy:
Thanks for the great editing job Ryan Smith


Full Part 2014 by Olliepop

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I’m overwhelmed by all the amazing comments I’ve been getting about my Full Part edit by Olliepop films!!! Thank you so much to everyone who’s commented and shared, and a huge thanks to all the mags sharing online too. All the support I’ve been getting has been amazing and it means so much to me. Thank you!

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Thank you everyone for all the support last season. I had some big plans and got really lucky on more than one occasion. A huge thanks to Vanessa Chan and Todd Easterbrook who had my back everyday, and thanks to Jeremy Richardson for making this solid edit.

Click here to read some of the great comments I’ve received:

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When in Whistler ep4: Done and Dusted

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Stoked to end the series with a bang. The last shot in this episode is 1080gap. A jump that was my nemesis this season, but the sweet is always sweeter when you taste the bitter first. I still feel like it’s a miracle that I landed a back double 1080 on 1080gap.


BOARDWORLD presents WHEN IN WHISTLER episode 4 — Done and Dusted. The final episode of the season features street spots, Whistler Blackcomb park laps, backcountry booters and more.

Riders: Geoff Brown, Shaun Belmore, Yannick Lamontagne, Mark Tremblay, Craig Bowl-u, Nic Harvey, Andrew Burns, Dan Currie, Sam Nuemann, Charles Beckinsale, Braden Dean and Maria Thomsen.

Film/Edit: Olliepop FIlms —

Cover photo by Todd Easterbrook

Additional Filming by Vanessa Chan, Duncan Mainland, Ryan Kenny, Chris Ricci, Shaun Belmore and Jordan Bayly-Jones


Miracle March!!!

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When in Whistler: S03 ep3 And it really was a Miracle March for me. So hyped to have closer in the newest episode…. And on Forum stepdown!!!

I’ve always wanted to hit the Forum stepdown and I finally got to hit it with my Girlfriend Vanessa Filming the main angle. Todd was shooting photos and Duncan and Burns were shooting top and second angle. The snow was windblown and the light was bad but I was feeling good, Hahaha. I went for the switch back9 second hit. Got it first try!!! I couldn’t believe it. It’s a day that I’ll never forget.  Thanks for all the help everyone and thanks for giving me closer in the edit Jeremy.

So Here’s Episode 3:

Proudly presented by BOARDWORLD
A series by Olliepop FIlms

PS. That’s duncan counting in the background.


When in Whistler: S03 ep2

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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Proudly presented by BOARDWORLD
A series by Olliepop FIlms


PS. I swear I don’t kiss my helmet in the intro… Hahaha




When in Whistler is Back!!!

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When in Whistler is back and I’m so Stoked to be shooting with Olliepop again.

Proudly presented by BOARDWORLD
A series by Olliepop FIlms

My double backflip at the end was filmed by Heart Films


Kill Your Boredom Segment

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This is my first and Last segment with the infamous Voleurz Crew.
It was amazing filming with these guys last year. Gonna miss em:



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Last When in Whistler

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It was a great season,
Check out the latest and the last episode of When In Whistler:




The Gram