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Frequency Two Page Spread

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Just got a two pager in the opening pages of Frequency.

Photo shot by Todd Easterbrook:
PS. If you live in the Whistler area, this photo is also up for the out of bounds photo contest. If you find yourself strolling the village, please pop by millenium place and vote.
Big thanks to my buddy Duncan Mainland and Vanessa Chan. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have happened.
Bellow are words written by Todd describing the photo:

A bullfighter

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Check out 33mags article about the 2011 sandbox heli shoot:


--> Interview

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Hello guys,

I did an interview with Pete Anderson a few weeks back and it’s up on Push along with a few photos and the Family Tree video.
The interview talks about my 2 year struggle with a knee injury, the miracle worker who fixed it and the great season I had last year.

Check it out at:

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First Jib Session of the year.

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Hello again, sorry got busy with the holidays and haven’t updated the site in a while, well here’s a jib session the nuulife guys and myself had in mid Dec. The blog was on push with lots of photos by Vanessa Chan and Kieran Brownie. Enjoy.


Evolution of Technical Snowboarding

My biggest article ever just came out in SBC it’s a 15 page look at the evolution of technical snowboarding. I spent countless hours watching old snowboard videos and interviewing the top pros to get the info to write this article. I’m very happy with the final product.
Click to see article….


Push blog 6

September 16th, 2010

New Zealand: Push blog 6
Cold after the rain


Push Blog 5

New Zealand:Push Blog 5
Good weather day at Snow Park


NZ Push Blog 4

New Zealand: Push Blog 4


Push Blog 3

New Zealand: Push Blog 3
Riding then chilling


NZ Push blog 2

New Zealand: Push blog 2
3,2,1 Bungy (not Bungee)



The Gram