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Trading sun for snow:


Back to my roots

Going back to my roots. Here’s a photo from the mountain that I grew up on (actually it’s more of a hill than a mountain). Crabb mountain. It was so cool to go back to my home province with Snowboard Canada last year. I’m stoked some of the photos got used.

And here’s a small little interview-ish column about what it was like growing up riding in NB.


Private Shoots

The Fall issue of Snowboard Canada just hit the stands. I’m really excited about this one cause the article that I wrote is in this issue.

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NB Travel article

The Buyers guide of Snowboard Canada is out. I’ve got some of my writting published as well as our trip to my home province, New Brunswick.

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My first article: Summer Shredding

Just posted my article “Summer Shredding.” Read the article…



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