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    Kill Your Boredom Segment

    Image for Kill Your Boredom Segment


    This is my first and Last segment with the infamous Voleurz Crew.
    It was amazing filming with these guys last year. Gonna miss em:



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    A bullfighter

    Image for A bullfighter


    Check out 33mags article about the 2011 sandbox heli shoot:




    Last When in Whistler

    Image for Last When in Whistler

    It was a great season,
    Check out the latest and the last episode of When In Whistler:



    Heart Films Teaser

    Image for Heart Films Teaser

    Hey guys,

    I was very fortunate to go shooting with the awesome heart films crew a bunch this winter and I was lucky enough to get some shots with them. They just released a pretty epic teaser and I’m stoked to have some shots in it.

    Here it is:

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    That’s right, Olliepop’s series When in Whistler hit over 2 million views with episode 2 and episode 3 getting over a million views each. I’m so stoked and I feel really lucky to be a part of this video project.

    The Question (Whistler’s local newspaper) wrote up an article about our video series:

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    Heart Films: Intersection

    Image for Heart Films: Intersection

    Intersection completely burnt us out and almost killed Keiji…. 7 long days of hard work in the backcountry to make a 7 minute short film. We’re proud of what we’ve made.



    Here for it all: When in Whistler Vol3

    Image for Here for it all: When in Whistler Vol3


    Now that the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival is finished I can finally start catching up.


    The March instalment of When in Whistler by Olliepop was released a week or so ago. March in Whistler is typically nothing short of pow, pow, pow and more pow, but this winter wasn’t so typical. We worked hard to find the pow and the sun. We chased after it this month, hitting a number of jump spots, urban locations and lapped Whistler Blackcomb park.

    Check out the newest episode of When in Whistler featuring the riding from, Ryan Manning, David Kinskofer, Jeremy Melanson, Erik Gelling, Logan Farrow, Will Snowball, Greg Murray and myself.

    Primary filming and editing Jeremy Richardson with additional filming by Vanessa Chan and Ben Web.


    Voleurz: Resurrection

    Image for Voleurz: Resurrection

    After closing its doors in December 2012, Voleurz has resurrected for one last session. Filmer over 7 days in April 2013, this edit is dedicated to our family, friends, followers, and fans who’ve shown so much love and support over the past 10 years. This one’s for you.

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    When in Whistler: episode 2 by olliepop

    Image for When in Whistler: episode 2 by olliepop

    February was nothing short of fantastic!

    We scored sunshine, heaps of snow, and it was bloody good times with the crew.

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    A Jump session with Heart Films

    Image for A Jump session with Heart Films

    I’ve been very lucky to join the Amazing Heart Films crew this season. They’re some of the happiest and hardest working guys I’ve ever met in my life. They’re always up in the mountains before the sun rises and down after the sun sets…. and always laughing and smiling.

    Here’s a short webisodes that Keiji (Filmer, editor, all round great guy and workaholic) released:


    Many of the video shots were capture by the one and only Vanessa Chan!!!

    It’s been super fun so far and I look forward to going out with them again.

    Thanks Heart Films


    The Gram