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That’s right, Olliepop’s series When in Whistler hit over 2 million views with episode 2 and episode 3 getting over a million views each. I’m so stoked and I feel really lucky to be a part of this video project.

The Question (Whistler’s local newspaper) wrote up an article about our video series:

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Pow catalogue

I’ve been with Pow for a few years and this year they published one of my photos in their 2013-14 catalogue.

Best part about it is that it’s Vanessa Chan’s first published photo.

Here it is:


Two pager in SBC Buyer’s Guide

Image for Two pager in SBC Buyer’s Guide

Soooooo Stoked!!!!!
Got a two pager in the new Snowboard Canada Buyers guide. It’s been two years since I’ve been in this mag and I can’t explain how stoked I am to be back in it. The write up in this photo explains what this means to me.

Thanks Mason Mashon for shooting this photo and Thanks to the Snowboard Canada Crew for publishing it.



Voleurz announces me as part of the family

Image for Voleurz announces me as part of the family


It’s official, I’m part of the Voleurz family. They announced it on their website with some kind words.


“All around happy-go-lucky dude has joined our infamous family of pseudo-psychotic snowboarders. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the humble, punctual and dude-man-of-many-talents.”


Check it out:


Been filming with them lately and had a few really productive days. Here are some screenshots courtesy of Darren Rayner from Voleurz.


Road Gap:

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Filming for Voleurz

Image for Filming for Voleurz

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve joined Voleurz and I’ve started filming for their new video for next year. I had the privilege to hang out and party with them at SIA in Denver and got to check out their line up, it’s looking better than ever and I’m super stoked to be joining their team.

Voleurz has a huge following and they premier their video all over North America and even in France. The guys have such a great attitude and are super fun to hang out with. Last time we went out sledding we had a super productive day and hit this huge step down. Check out a screenshot from my backside 7.

I’m so stoked to be on their program and I can’t wait for the sun to come back so we can go out shooting again.


Ontario Jibbing, Feb, 2012

Image for Ontario Jibbing, Feb, 2012

Just got back from a trip to Toronto. Shitty thing, there was no snow in Toronto so we ended up driving around Ontario searching for snow and spending way too much money on gas and hotels.


We first headed to Ottawa where the snow was kinda crusty with freezing rain. We made the best of it and hit this Pipeline in Renfrew.


We drove around the next day in downtown Ottawa looking for something that wasn’t frozen over, we found this gap to ledge that we sessioned for a bit. I ended up bailing pretty hard and Bruce got food poisoning so the session didn’t go as well as possible. But we still walked away with a couple cool shots.

We headed back and hit up this town called Haliburton but we had the worst of luck with getting kicked out of locations and not having enough speed to hit a feature.


We then headed up to Sudbury and had a lot of bad luck too. We got kicked out of almost every feature we tried to hit. We found this fun downrail which was actually the only downrail we hit the entire trip.


On the last day we found these two cement features and sessioned them and had the most productive day of the whole trip.



I didn’t get the banger shot that I was looking for like I got last year. But I got some creative fun shots that I’m pretty stoked on. Can’t wait to share them with ya.


A big thanks to my amazing girlfriend Vanessa for following us around and filming and never complaining about the cold. And thanks for pulling the bungee when Bruce got food poisoning and couldn’t stop puking and shitting. That session wouldn’t have worked without you.


All these images are screenshots, the good photos are shot by Jordan Landgon, Brian Muller and Richard Roth and I’m not at liberty to share them. Thanks for coming out guys, and I hope you’re feeling better Roth. Thanks for toughing it out while you had Bronchitis.


And of course thanks Eric and Bruce for riding with me and making the Toronto rail trip actually work.


Transworld full page Sandbox Ad

Here’s my full page ad in the January issue of Transworld. I’m really stoked to have this Heli shot published. It was great to do another heli shoot and the photo turned out amazing.

In case you can’t read it, Jussi Grznar shot the photo.


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Sandbox Light Box

Image for Sandbox Light Box


I got awesome news last week. I found out that Sandbox is advertising some shots of me. They put up a Lightbox in the front window at Showcase in Vancouver on 4th. I wanted to check it out myself before I blogged about it, but I don’t wanna wait any longer. I’m really stoked to have it up.


Thanks so much to Kev and Clay for bringing me on the shoot and thanks to Jussi and Kirk for shooting the photo. It was great to shoot with those guys again. And good job Mel on designing the ad, it looks awesome.

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Photos in COC

Image for Photos in COC



I’m in Mt Hood right now watching the rain fall, but I just got some photos emailed to me from Fusaki Ida. He apologized that they’re not the best photos. But I liked them so I thought I’d share em with you guys.

It’s been kind of a crappy summer so far, weather wise. We haven’t had too many sunny days but these two photos were shot on one of the few sunny days that we’ve had.

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Pow in May

Image for Pow in May

Well it was friday the 13th of May and we hit a pow jump up Brandywine. I landed a backside 7 tail and tried a bunch of double corks but the snow got totally sun baked and turned the snow into cement. I think this was our last day of winter. But I was stoked just to get one last day of pow…. and in mid may, Unbelievalbe!!! click for image



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